Birth of World's Fair in Knoxville

City of Knoxville is often referred to as the city of Marble. This city is as a center for producing and distribution of marble in the 20th century. The name of the city of Knoxville was taken from the name of a war minister named Henry Knox.

In addition to marble nicknamed City, Knoxville is the third largest city in the State of Tennessee and has a history of the birth of the First World’s Fair.

History of "World's Fair" starts from the opening of "International Energy Exhibition" in the city of Knoxville with the theme is "Energy Turns the World." on 1 May 1982 - 31 October 1982.
The World Exposition in Knoxville was followed by Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United States , and West Germany was visited more than 11 million visitors.

The historic event had contributed in introducing several new products, including touch screen display, milk boxes, and a sense of Cherry Coke by Coca-Cola and others.
The idea of holding the exhibition of the world became the forerunners of the implementation of the World exhibition / Expo for the next, so on May 1, 2011 exhibition of the world has aged 29 years since the first held in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee.

And also the implementation of "World's Fair" in Knoxville is the anniversary of "World's Fair" to the 131 years since the Universal Exposition was first held at Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, England in 1851 with the theme "Great Exhibition of Industry of All Nations Works"